A Comparison Of Respiratory Therapist Salary Ranges

A respiratory therapist receives instructions from a physician and then determines how to best execute the directives.visit my online https://ifftb.com/ for more deatile. In working with patients with breathing difficulties, therapists ensure machines are in good condition before connecting the patient to the device. They may be charged with testing, cleaning, and repairing their equipment. They monitor the operation of the machine and the patient’s responses, and enter the data on medical charts. Therapists must be able to work with a variety of people, from patients to doctors and other hospital staff members. Many factors can influence respiratory therapist salary ranges.

As with most medical specialists, the amount of experience the individual has obtained can affect earnings, and income typically increases over time. Nationwide, the average range is $32,525 to $49,135 for therapists with less than twelve months experience. Between one and four years, salaries are between $35,201 and $49,007. Therapists who have at least five years, but less than ten, report earnings between $40,349 and $59,727. Those with 10 to 19 years experience report salaries between $45,456 and $60,370. Therapists with 20 or more years of experience can earn between $48,489 and $66,865.

When comparing salaries by city, the highest wages are usually offered by employers in large metropolitan areas. In Los Angeles, salaries are between $41,175 and $74,004, while in Houston, the range is $35,986 to $62,785. The income range in the Atlanta area is $39,150 to $61,445, and $50,565 to $61,263 for the greater New York City area.

On the state level, New York offers the highest earnings potential, with a range of $48,775 to $67,787. The range in California is $42,870 to $67,661, Texas reports $37,323 to $56,012, and Pennsylvania shows a range of $36,062 to $54,800. Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina report ranges of $36,231 to $51,830, $39,149 to $52,191, and $36,550 to $51,091, respectively.

The employer’s industry can have a major impact on earnings. Therapists at teaching institutions may receive up to $69,000 annually. Most therapists, however, are employed by hospitals, where the salary range is between $39,108 and $55,431. As government employees, therapists can earn between $44,225 and $55,850 on the federal level and $40,209 to $57,891 at state and local levels.

When comparing salaries by the size of the employer, those with at least 50,000 employees offer between $36,200 and $71,500. For employers with 5,000 to 19,999 employees, salaries range from $41,391 to $64,285. If the employer has at least 10 employees, but fewer than 5,000, salaries are from $38,868 to $66,347.

Due to difficulties finding and retaining a respiratory therapist, an employer may offer bonuses. Many new therapists are often given signing bonuses of as much as $1,000. Retention bonuses are typically $500 to $600 annually for employees with less than 20 years experience, and then may be $800 per year or more.

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