Online Business Success – How the Real Estate Industry Falls Short

Since I started my online home business, I’ve been getting weekly & sometimes daily phone calls from Realtors at my old office. The phone calls often start out the same way, usually with a question about why my online business is consistently generating sales and their online Real Estate business is not. In an effort to answer the question,Visit online for moreĀ  details, why the Real Estate Industry is falling short in the online arena, I wrote this article.

As the Real Estate market began to slow, I became intrigued by the trend involving technology designed to help Agent’s become more competitive online. Probably like many Realtors, I was convinced that I needed the latest technology to remain useful to my Client’s and keep them searching on my site. What I realized nearly a year later would bring about a massive shift in how I did business, and what I did for business.

Technology for Realtor’s is unfortunately a double edged sword, providing unlimited access to anyone searching the internet for Real Estate. Because each site being sold to Agent’s eventually is available for John Q Public to search, it only accelerates the rate at which each site before it becomes obsolete. This is great news for the public seeking the latest mapping technology to find a house close to a Starbucks, but is absolutely useless to the Agent’s footing the bill.

Thankfully seeing the trend, I found an online business that put me on the profitable side of this shift in technology. The ability to consistently generate leads and automatically qualify them is something that simply does not exist in the Real Estate Industry. Imagine your website visitors having to complete an application telling you why they’re qualified for you to spend time with them?

The good news is, this system actually exists and I use it everyday to run my business like clockwork. What’s more, I consistently generate a 5 figure income on a monthly basis… all without holding open houses or driving around Client’s! Unless you can honestly say the same about your Real Estate business, you owe it to yourself to take a closer look.

Listen, we both know the Real Estate Industry isn’t getting any easier. If you’re sick and tired of going to battle daily for your dwindling commission only to split it with your Broker, there may be light at the end of the tunnel. It’s my goal to help a few select Agent’s get out of “Real Estate Hell” and discover a little known system that regularly puts 5 figures + in my bank account every month. The only question now is, will you be one of the few?

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